Taxes are Coming! Taxes are Coming!

Apple prices may increase because of the massive Tariffs we may be imposing on China—but there is an easy solution where there would be ZERO tax, and indeed a tax incentive. Make your products in the United States instead of China. Start building new plants now. Exciting! Tweet by US President Donald Trump President Trump, […]

Trump's Poisoned Chalice

Investors are drooling with anticipation that the coming Trump regime through lowering taxes, removing regulatory barriers and stimulating economic growth will continue to boost the stock market. As a bonus, there is the prospect of repatriation to their corporate owners of trillions of corporate dollars that are “trapped” abroad by American taxes. According to one […]

Carl Icahn Was Right

As this blog is written, Carl Icahn announced that he sold his entire extensive position in Apple. He cited macro and political risks in China. In my opinion, he made the smart move. For starters, this blog isn’t really about Apple. It’s about China. Let’s begin with the macro considerations. It’s fairly safe to say […]

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