American protectionism

Trump is Now the Enemy of Business

Please excuse the absence of The Dismal Optimist over the last few months. I have been on my back “meditating” while recovering from a full knee replacement. I don’t recommend the latter. I confess to having voted for Trump in 2016. Year one of Trump brought all kinds of business-friendly measures including a tax cut, […]

Damage American Technology Program

Fosun has a strategy to help everyone live until 121 years old: Technology Headline in South China Morning Post The 90 day “truce” agreed to in the G20 dinner between Presidents Trump and Xi is certainly a plus. The world has been spared, at least for the moment, an acceleration of a destructive trade war […]

American Constitution Trumped

Once upon a time Americans were very sensitive on the subject of taxation. They even dumped British tea into the Boston Harbor as a protest against British taxes. And the American constitution was written to give an elected Congress the primary power to impose taxes. But over the years, Congress has transferred its power to […]

Trump's Favorite Advisors — Be Afraid

What really makes China so scary today is the fact that it has so many people, and it’s also becoming an incredibly wealthy country so that our great fear is that China will turn into a giant Hong Kong. And if China has a per capita GNP that’s anywhere near Hong Kong’s GNP, it will […]

Bashing China with American Protectionism is Dumb

Whenever we buy products made in China— and by “we” I mean citizens not just in America but also in other countries now grappling with a rising China like India, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan— we as consumers are helping to finance a Chinese military buildup that may well do us and […]

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