Us and China - the tech wars ahead

Technological progress benefits all of humanity in terms of lifespans and health, the ability to travel and communicate—the whole cornucopia of goods and services that have become increasingly available in the last five hundred years. The rise of the stock market depends on continued technological progress and the rise in productivity it brings. The US […]

Facing Reality With China

Will a deal with China get done? Logic says yes but it may just depend on Trump’s mood. Clearly a deal with China and a resultant bump up in the stock market would further Trump’s reelection chances. But as will be discussed regardless of any deal the future for US/China economic relations does not look […]

Hong Kong – Time to be Realistic

The near term future of Hong Kong looks grim. A substantial part of the Hong Kong population is dissatisfied with their status as citizens of a Special Administrative Region of China. The freedoms of speech, property rights and internet, a democratically-elected legislature, and the British-legacy legal system are things promised under the Hong Kong Basic […]

Hurt China is the Real Policy

“The total decoupling of U.S. and China technologies is not possible…After all, we will know what these American scientists are doing if they release their research in the internet age. They can never live in the refrigerator.” Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei “Our school communities are desperately short of nurses, social workers, psychologists, counselors and other […]

Trump is Now the Enemy of Business

The Black Swan is Here – is it Trump?

Two Major Companies in Serious Trouble

Some Economic Common Sense

Danger Ahead — The Export Controls Act Of 2018

Trump Needs a Deal with China

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