Image: Moma Sometimes what is overwhelmingly obvious cannot be seen by people whose history and culture and whose basic instincts have trained them not to see. With a few unfortunate exceptions, America’s ruling elites, be they Democrat or Republican, today no doubt would swear that they harbor no racial animosity towards Chinese people. The growing […]


The United States has frequently criticized China for pursuing industrial policy and subsidizing its enterprises to gain advantage in international markets. Now the United States is proposing to imitate China and do exactly the same thing. The so-called Innovation and Competition Act is making its way through Congress. At this writing the bill is 2000 […]


In an article every international investor should read, in this week’s Barron’s Reshma Kapadia outlines a very compelling case for a continuing deterioration of US/China relations. And a deterioration which will be extremely negative for US China investors. She forecasts that coming legislation and pressure from China hawks focused on human rights and national security […]

Hong Kong – a Different View

In recent months China has been increasingly vigorous in asserting control over Hong Kong. Western politicians and the Western intelligentsia have been highly critical of China’s actions. I believe their criticisms are largely misplaced and reflect a lack of interest about in what has actually happened on the ground in Hong Kong. And they certainly […]

America’s Not So Hidden Asian Prejudices

Secretary of State Tony Blinken just spent the weekend unhappily meeting with his Chinese counterparts. Blinken saw his role as a noble American with a divinely inspired mission to make the world in America’s image. Like a schoolteacher reprimanding an unruly child he duly lectured his interlocutors on China’s perceived violation of American values. Republican […]

Taiwan - what everyone should know

Taiwan is the most important source of conflict between America and China. It is also a major source of investment opportunities. Consider the following: The Global Tech Economy depends on Taiwan. Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation (TSMC) in particular. The majority of major American semiconductor companies, including Apple, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Applied Materials rely on TSMC (along […]

America's Technology War on China (part 2)

The Trump Administration seems intent on heaping on punishments to the Chinese economy, especially the technology sector.  These punishments are hurting not only China but the entire world including America. Perhaps next will come some type of sanctions on Ant Financial, a planned $35 billion joint offering on Hong Kong and the Shanghai SMART exchanges. […]

The Tech War On China Continues

Throwing Down The Ladder by Which They Rose.’ Thomas Nast, 1870 (Image: The New York Public Library Digital Collections / CC0 1.0)  It seems that not a day goes by that the Trump team does not heap a new insult and/or sanction on China. If this is part of a reelection campaign, it is a […]

How to Start World War III

People worry that the US China conflict could by accident turn into a shooting war. In this blog, I am going to show how a conflict could start that would not necessarily be an accident. First some history. In response to Japan’s invasion of Indochina and aggression in China, in 1941 President Franklin Roosevelt imposed […]

A Positive View of the Future of Hong Kong

I apologize for the absence of The Dismal Optimist over recent months. Some necessary back surgery intervened. As Cher once said to Opra, getting old “sucks” A POSITIVE VIEW OF THE FUTURE OF HONG KONG In response to the passage of the National Security Law for Hong Kong by the Chinese Central government, Western media […]

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