Will trump allow the US to continue as the world’s innovation economy?

“TRUMP’S CHIEF STRATEGIST STEVE BANNON SUGGESTS HAVING TOO MANY ASIAN TECH CEOs UNDERMINES ‘CIVIC SOCIETY’” The Verge headline based on a Trump/Bannon 2015 interview as reported by the Washington Post Xenophobia definition.  Intense or irrational fear of people from other countries. The United States is indisputably the innovation capital of the world.  Innovation is happening […]

Carl Icahn Was Right

As this blog is written, Carl Icahn announced that he sold his entire extensive position in Apple. He cited macro and political risks in China. In my opinion, he made the smart move. For starters, this blog isn’t really about Apple. It’s about China. Let’s begin with the macro considerations. It’s fairly safe to say […]

Beware of the Unicorn

A unicorn used to be a legendary beast from antiquity with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead. But things have changed.  A modern  unicorn is defined as a private company with a net worth over a billion dollars.  By one source, there were 144 modern unicorns in existence at the end of 2015. […]

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